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Running a Windows .bat File after Import and Export

Question asked by mattlindemann on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by user19752

We are collecting registrations for a conference using Survey Monkey. I've created a process to import the data from Survey Monkey, generate invoices, and export a file I call send.bat to send confirmation emails with a copy of the invoices attached. I know I could use FM Pro to send the emails but we use GroupWise and it has caused some problems with our gateway in the past. Instead, I'm using a program called GWSend which accepts command line input. Everything works great with one minor issue I would like to overcome.


In the script I use to export the GWSend calculation field, I selected "Automatically open file" which normally will run the send.bat file. If I import the data, create the invoices, export the send.bat file, the command window flashes open and closed with nothing else happening. If I close and reopen FM Pro and export the send.bat without importing, the command window opens as expected and the email send properly.


The file I'm importing is a Excel .xls file. I get the same results if I import the .csv file. I have not tried importing from another source other than Survey Monkey.


Why wouldn't the "Automatically open file" work properly after an import.