FMPUG (Dallas) - User Interface - Auto Enter City/State from Zip

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Nov 7, 2014
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The Dallas FMPUG just had a really a good Users Group meeting this month (Nov 7, 2014), lead by Martha Zink of Soliant Consulting. She taught us about making user interfaces efficient for the end user and it was a very good presentation. One of the things that caught my eye was for users that have to manually input a lot of addresses. There is a Zippotatum.us API that will take the zip code and convert it to City and State. This means someone inputting a bunch of addresses only needs to type in the Zip Code and the City and State will automatically populate.


I used Marth'a script example and made a sample database that does this. It works best using the Base Elements plugin, but also works with FileMaker's native InsertFromURL if you have a global field and it exists on the same layout. For those of you unfamiliar with the Base Elements plugin, it is from Goya and they license it for free. It is a very useful plugin and the price is right! http://www.goya.com.au/baseelements/plugin


We look forward to Mike Wallace of Richard Carlton Consulting speaking next month, December 5th, and telling us about his experience at the Pause on Error FileMaker conference.


Attached is the example file.