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    Popover not displaying in portal rows


      Hi all,


      I have a popover in a portal row, which is not displaying in each portal row.


      The odd thing here is, in the same solution, I have this working in a seperate portal, on a different layout.


      I have copied the other portal over, then tried to modify it, I also tried a new portal, new popover -however no luck - it just seems as if the popover does not attach to the portal.


      Has anyone else had this same issue?




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          Check to make sure the popover button is fully inside the portal row. (It needs a little margin.)

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            Hi Mike, Thanks for the input! I should have pointed out, that in the popover is a portal.


            I just did some searching, and found that you can't have a portal inside a popover, that's inside a portal row.



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              I have been getting around this by putting a button and script in the portal row and a hidden popover on the layout.  I add a global field to the main table and connect a TO to it by the ID that links the records in the portal.


              The script takes the id of the record puts it into the global field them uses GotoObject to open the popover with the second level portal.


              You can play with the position of the popover to make it look like it is from the desired row... Somewhat.




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                Because the non-displaying popover button shows only on the first row suggests to me that it is hovering over, but is not actually in (has not been captured by) the portal. This is not uncommon when you add a field or object to a portal, but I have found you can usually overcome it easily by simply selecting the miscreant object and nudging it using the up/down/sideways arrows. Often you can nudge it until it is captured, then nudge it back to its original position and it will stay captured. The easy way to check is drag the whole portal, as all captired objects will also move. I often do this just to check, followed by command-Z to put it back in place.