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FM Server Service not always starting (Windows)

Question asked by sumware on Nov 9, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by sumware

Hi All,


I am seeing a number of client machines (Win Server 2008) where the FileMaker Server service is not starting after windows patches itself. This has only started happening, I think, in the last 6 months and only at some sites. Some FileMaker Serverr 12, some FileMaker Server 13.


The databases _are_ closing properly, windows does it's patch thing and then restarts and then .... nothing. I can't find any evidence in the logs of problems starting the service (maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot)


Simply manually restarting the computer sets all back to normal. Manual restart isn't really an option.


So, I'm looking for clues as to where to look for why the server service isn't being kicked into life at boot.


Any suggestions?