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Font position changes on all fields when going from Filemaker 12 to 13

Question asked by samjs on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by samjs

When opening my filemaker file that was developed in 12 to version 13, my font alignment is to the top and far left of every field. Note that when I first open the solution for the 1st time in version 13, the field format does not change until I go into layout mode for the 1st time. That is when all my fields change. Please see the attached file.


When ajusting the the field padding settings under the Advanced Graphic setting under the appearance tab in the inspector, I can manipulate the text, however letters like "y" are cut off. I also noticed that I cannot make the horizontal part if the field smaller when dragging the bottom of the field up. It throws the whole field above. It is as if I have a lock on the field size.


I'm just looking for a quick way to correct all my fields which in my solution are different sizes.


Thanks for your help.