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Save Records As PDF issues on desktop

Question asked by planteg on Nov 7, 2014
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sorry if the answer was already provided, but I searched in the forums and in Google and didn't find anything.


The issue occurs in an FMP 12 database, hosted in FMS 12, only on desktop, that is OS X and Windows. On FMGo 12 and 13, all is fine.


The solution is developed on OS X with FMPA 12. A report is created in a PDF by Save Records As PDF. The layout is made to print in Landscape, and made to fit to page. When the report is created on OS X or Windows, page orientation is Portrait and the report is cropped to the right.


I looked at that yesterday with my customer who created the solution, and to get the right result on desktops, he had to change the settings specifically for desktop: instead of picking Fit to page, he changed the size to 80%.


We are wondering why the Fit option does not work on desktops ? Is it that FMGo knows tricks that desktops do not know ?