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Beverly mentioned from another thread about payment and part payment tables to allow spreading a payment among several invoices.


Excerpt below:

Hello, Rob. I agree that you should have this a separate table (even for occasionally). I have two tables for accepting $$:






Payments get the full amount of a check (or other form of payment), "splits" get the division of the full amount into the appropriate invoices. This is how a lot of accounting programs work. One payment can be used for multiple invoices and invoices can have multiple payments.


It's not that difficult and if you already have your repeating field, you can export then import to divide out the values into a related table.




I am not able to get to the splitting of a payment across multiple invoices.


This is what I have:


Customers - Jobs - Job Invoices Line Item(Invid) - Payments(invid) - Payment Splits(invid)



When entering a payment/check amt you look up the job by id, which brings down the customer info etc, then a button to lookup the invoices.

Invoices come up and you can select which one to apply the payment to, which may not be the whole amount.


So far OK, but I cannot figure out how to bring in the payment splits!!!!!

I'm missing a many to many?


Thanks so much