Designing for fast data entry?

Discussion created by jjfcpa on Nov 11, 2014
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I'm relatively new to FM and appreciate some of the things that can be done very quickly compared to other development languages.


One of the areas that I am concerned with is designing the data entry process for speedy entry of data. Here is an example of one of my concerns.



Creating a value list for a data entry field is super fast, and making it into a popup is extremely intuitive for the enduser.



Value lists that are created with constant values require an update to the solution in order to change them, unless you let the user add to them, which offsets the integrity of the data if you are trying to limit their choices. It appears that always linking the value list to a table with a way for the user to modify the values is the solution there.


However, the real issue with popups is that they are not responsive to keyboard entry. Is there a way to make a popup keyboard responsive so that they could at least jump to the first item that matches the character typed AND open the popup? This would turn this into a hybrid auto-complete object that would greatly speed up data entry and negate the absolute switching from keyboard to mouse and back again.


I have other issues that I would like to get feedback on, but this appears to be #1 on my list. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.