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    I am looking for an ally to evaluate or market a invoicing & cash accounting runtime solution (separation model)


      I have always received valuable advice, support and encouragement from this forum. Today I d like to share my runtime for PC (I am exporting MAC next month) which

      - offers a streamlined billing process for freelancers and entrepreneurs

      - helps book income and expenses via the cash method of accounting
      - offers some basic customer relationship mgt and budgeting
      - can be translated to other languages from within the frontend (and a complete additional translation could be added via the language.fmpur)
      A little windows installer will copy this multi-file solution (separation modell) to your MyDocuments folder and start the runtime. The uninstall also works.
      This is not meant to be marketing at all. Instead, I wonder, WHAT s YOUR OPINION?
      • Version Control / Distributed Development: Do you think this project could effectively be developped by more than one person, for example by using mercurial? The reason why I ask is: I am really tired to develop this all on my own. I like the solution and it grows, but I cannot keep up and some day it needs to be portet to the newest FM Platform, needs an even better user interface etc..
      • How do you like the flow of this basic app? I know there are spots where you will find some German, but most areas are pretty complete.
      • I know there is quicken (especially in the US) and all these great solutions, but in Europe not everybody uses that and I find that a small app with stong billing capabilities and basic accounting makes sense. If you live in Europe or France, Spain etc. (South America) I ll be especially interested in your opinion. But of course, you re also welcome to comment and team up with me if you like if you are from the US
      • If you are interested in teaming up with me, feel free to contact me. I dream of splitting the areas of work and splitting any rewards accordingly.

      I d like to thank anybody evaluating this. I am really impressed by what people / companies like Project Pro etc are capable of. Obviously, my app is nothing in comparison to it.

      DOWNLOAD FOR Win / Win 8:

      If you want to see a 5 minute video explaining the app, and if you find German people trying to speak English properly funny, have a look at:
      "What is Transpanet.Cash?" http://youtu.be/fFuzIEOgvhU
      or, for example: "Billing into open invoices" http://youtu.be/ZnuIP-aO_qI
      Thanks for your opinion!
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