Web Direct or server sided Emails

Discussion created by sorrow on Nov 11, 2014
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How is it that something that seems so simple, has got me wooped?


I have created a very simple page on web direct it process' a credit card and that part works just fine, but I want it to send out an email right after with the transaction info in it. I want it to just send out with the send mail script step or send it out when performed on the server, but either way it sends back an error 1506. The script without the perform on server works just fine within FMP client. I am using the SMTP server option in the mail script step. I have hard coded in 1 email address and no attachments, but everytime on Web Direct or Performing on the Server it returns back error 1506 (The email(s) failed to send successfully)


Is this a known issue with Filemaker? It doesnt work on Web Direct or Perform Script on Server?


Any help would be most helpful.