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    Web Direct or server sided Emails


      How is it that something that seems so simple, has got me wooped?


      I have created a very simple page on web direct it process' a credit card and that part works just fine, but I want it to send out an email right after with the transaction info in it. I want it to just send out with the send mail script step or send it out when performed on the server, but either way it sends back an error 1506. The script without the perform on server works just fine within FMP client. I am using the SMTP server option in the mail script step. I have hard coded in 1 email address and no attachments, but everytime on Web Direct or Performing on the Server it returns back error 1506 (The email(s) failed to send successfully)


      Is this a known issue with Filemaker? It doesnt work on Web Direct or Perform Script on Server?


      Any help would be most helpful.



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          Scott --


          Is it possible that the port needed to send the message via the server (25, 465, etc) is being blocked by a firewall?


          -- Tim

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            Hi Tim,


            Sure that is possible, The client is paying a hosting service to host it, so I will have to communicate with them to check that end out.


            Do you think that this should work or is this just a limitation of filemaker?


            I have tried it with 465 and 587 ports with SSL, TLS or None selected, although when I use port 587 and SSL it returns a different error 1503 Error with SSL, all else return 1506.


            Thanks for your feedback!



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              Hey Scott


              Do you have some form of command line access to the server…? if so then you could try using telnet from a command line to see if a connection is possible.


              From a command prompt try

                   telnet server.address 25

              which will attempt to connect to server.address over port 25 (assuming that’s the port your smtp server is listening on, change port to others which it may be as required to test)


              If that works then you know it’s something to do with your FM config, if it doesn’t work it’s much more likely to be a firewall issue.




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                Hi Steve,


                No, I dont have access to it, I did talk to them today and they said that they are not blocking those ports, so I am stumped as to what is wrong and what else I can do.  I dont want to have to buy a plugin, if I dont have to.  He did tell me that he has other clients that do that same thing with out any issues.


                Any other advise?  We are not talking rocket science stuff, but this is making me think I know nothing at all. 


                There really isnt much I can change in the SMTP Server settings of the SendMail function in FMP.





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                  Just figured it all out.  It was google that was blocking the login from the server.  I switch from using my clients login to mine and a short time later I get an email from google saying that "Suspicious sign in prevented".  So I had to click some links to allow that server to login to my account.  As soon as I did that, no more error messages and I am getting the emails.


                  Thanks for all of your help!