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    FMGO and TouchID


      I want to know if there is any sharing on the above. Typically, to use TouchID to login instead of the traditional login prompt.

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          TouchID is Apple's biometric fingerprint authentication made popular on the iPhone.  Until version 8 of iOS came out, Applications were very much sandboxed and could not talk to other services except as explicitly provided by Apple and therefore FM could not make use of TouchID.  But iOS 8 allows apps to talk to each other and the OS a lot better.  FileMaker will not comment on anything not yet released, but this is such an obvious improvement to logging in that I bet it will be incorporated into FM Go, but it might not happen until FileMaker 14 comes out.  I sure hope it does because having a logn password is a real pain to type into an iOS device!

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            I do have situation where the same iPad is shared among a few users and generally they access the app for a short period of time (5 - 15 minutes). Therefore, there is a lot of logout and login happening and can become frustrating for some. From your answer, it seems I have to wait for the next release, albeit it may not even be incorporated. ;-)

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              One other issue is that the TouchID is per device authentication and not per user.  So it might be a security issue in FM that it can authenticate, but can't tell if there are different people logging in.  Only that the TouchID was authenticated.  True you can put up to 5 finger prints in for TouchID, but I have doubts that FM can tell the difference between the different finger prints.  But it sure would be nice!  <grin>  Actually what would be nice is if FM could make a hardware call to the TouchID and store the finger print data inside of FileMaker so you could then use it to tell who is logging on.  Then again, you get into issues of storing personally identifable information.  But it still would be convenient. 

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