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    Web form layout request


      I need to create a web form layout that hides the filemaker menus (form user can't search records, etc.), is ready to accept data (fields are all blank), with a submit button (after submit the web form goes back to new record).

      Can someone send me a simple example DB with a web form layout as I described for me to learn from?


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          Are you talking about CWP or WebDirect?


          There are CWP examples located in your filemaker server directory

          FileMaker Server/examples/PHP/API Examples/editRecord.php


          If you're talking WebDirect, that's pretty basic stuff and I'm not sure why you would need an example.

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            Obviously if it is web direct, you can set up a new layout where the specified user has had all the privileges removed.

            There are many ways you could do the rest...


            one might be to put global fields on it and a button which runs a script which adds the data to a new record then clears the fields.


            You could also do it as PHP inside a web viewer...


            - Lyndsay