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    Importing from unique files?


      I want to let the user select a CSV to import data from. Is there a way to display a list of the CSV files and let them choose the one to import data from?

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          When you go to File and Import, the user can use the native file management navigation to see lists of files.  But if you want to get fancier, you can use a FileMaker plugin that can read files in the OS and give a list for them to choose from.  There are a number of good ones out there, but the Base Elements plugin from Goya is free and hard to beat the price.  It can make a call to the OS to see what CSV files are located say in a particular folder such as maybe your downloads folder and then give a list of them in FileMaker.  You can use a prompt or store them in a table or virtual array.  Then the end user can select which CSV they want by clicking a or script trigger to fire off an import script.  WIll that work?

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            Bingo!  You nailed it and I really appreciate the quick reply.


            Just downloaded the Base Elements plugin.