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    Sketching layouts on an iPad


      Hello everyone,


      I am beginning a new project and I am at the step where I need to sketch my Layouts. Thing is sketching with a pencil on paper is not very appealing . Suddenly I thought about doing those sketches on an iPad .


      So I wonder if some of you are already going that way, and if so which app they use. I consider that it should be able to draw vectors, in this way you can erase easily, and that it should support layers.




      Exporting to an image format like JPG would be very nice to include in documentation !



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          I use OmniGraffle (both on OS X and iOS).  Works great for mockups because you can export in HTML and then host, so clients can view/interact online... of course you can export in other file formats, just thought I'd share how I like to do it.  It also supports basic actions so you can fake navigation in your mockup (i.e. click on a list view line and have it jump to detail view canvas -- simulates what "using" the system you're building will be like).  It does support layers and allows for hiding as well (which means you can even mockup popovers by showing/hiding a layer with an action).



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            If $50 for iPad is too much for you to stomach, try this and see what you think:


            Remember apps are non-refundable, so if you don't like omnigraffle, you'll be wasting $50. I'm assuming omnigraffle users used the desktop version prior to iPad.


            Personally desktop is much faster for mocking up and I wouldn't really use iPad for it as long as I have my laptop.


            I use swordsoft as it's cheaper than balsamiq or omnigraffle and has everything I need for simple mockups.

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              Ethan and Mike,


              thanks a lot !


              Both OmniGraffle and iMockups look great. Just too bad OminGraffle is not available for Windows, I won't be able to test drive it .


              Is it possible that you have to pay for OmniGraffle upgrades ?

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                panteg, since you're a Windows user, my method won't help, but...


                I create layout mockups as a standard part of the design process, and I've tried a few tools on the iPad, but I found I wasn't nearly as effecient on the iPad as I was on my Mac. To be fair, I didn't give the iPad a long trial. I needed to get work done, and I felt like I was wasting time.


                On my Mac, I've tried multiple tools intended for the purpose, but I currently use Keynote, because:


                It's simple.


                The current version on Yosemite supports styles for objects, so I can easily define and use styles for buttons, fields, labels, text -- whatever I need.


                I can put the file in the cloud and collaborate with another team member.


                Some notes:


                I've got templates for standard layouts and objects, so I don't have to start from scratch for a new project.


                And because I want the client to see our mockups as 'ideas' not 'final designs', I use a 'sketch' style for lines and shapes, and a handwriting font for text. The result is a mockup that looks like a very neat, hand-drawn sketch.

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                  I like iDraw for the iPad & MacOS, it is a great bang for the buck.  It is kind of a scaled down version of Adobe Illustrator.  The Mac version lets you copy objects in SVG code.


                  I do a bit of Graphics work, and I find iDraw works pretty good for simpler projects.  It is also a very simple app that even a non-professional can use easily.

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                    iMockups works well on the iPad but I find Balsamiq on the desktop much faster. There's a Mac and Windows version and it's very quick for mocking up all manner of layout types, including list views and portals displaying data.