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    ODBC an linked records


      Can FileMaker pro create a link to an external data source? I do not want to import, I want to link.

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          What is "link"? What data source?


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            Link means I want to link to a Quickbooks table. I do not want to import the records into a filemaker table.

            The datasource is Quickbooks ODBC read/write driver.


            Works fine in Access and Visual Studio.

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              It is called ESS in FM



              FM supports only Oracle/MSSQL/MySQL .


              A possibility is if you make linked database in MS SQLServer...

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                ESS was mentioned by user, but it's not available for Quickbooks. If Windows only platform, you may consider this:






                p.s. Windows only has to do with Intuit, not FileMaker or Productive Computing. For Macintosh users, try Window emulators (which run well on Macintosh!) <http://www.macwindows.com/emulator.html> and complain to Intuit.

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                  There is also the Execute SQL script step (as opposed to the newer ExecuteSQL() function). IF QB is fully ODBC compliant and susceptible to SQL calls, James may be able to pass data back and forth that way. Hard to know, without a better understanding of what he means by 'link'.



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                    Quickbooks has not choosen to make their system very ODBC compliant, but itis partially ODBC compliant.  There are some ODBC drivers for it that support read only, but many databases can't make use of those drivers.  Basically, Quickbooks is not a friendly database to connect with other databases and that is why businesses often outgrow quickbooks and have to go to a bigger accounting solution in a database that can server many users, etc.  Ultimately, Quickbooks marketing is trying to make everything go to the Cloud and you will just access your data via a web page.  So far they have made an API that works only on Windows machines to exchange data between Quickbooks and FileMaker.  It works, but is clearly not a big stable enterprise solution.  You may note across many accounting systems that most of them are not made with forthought into connecting with other databases.  Accounting databses tend to be silos expecting everything they need be there and not talking to anything else.  And any interconnectivity has been hodge podge and an after thought.  So its not just Intuit that is this way.  I think it is a real disservice to customers though.  Then again, these software manufacturers probably get scared when other systems can touch their data and maybe mess things up. 


                    If you have Windows, the Productive Computing FM Books Connector that Beverly talked about works and I've used it.  Not elegant, but it works. 


                    Quickbooks integretation via a web API in the Cloud is just starting to become available.  I have not done anything with it, but I suspect that will be the future of database connectivity to Quickbooks.  Right now it is not an open solution and you have to get any such solutions preapproved by Intuit.  You can read about Quickbooks integration info at http://www.sleeter.com/blog/2013/11/quickbooks-software-integration/