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FMS 13 - SMTP - Attachment Problems

Question asked by revmk on Nov 13, 2014
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I am looking to run a server side script to send about 50 emails, including an attachment.


I have the attachment stored on the server, using a reference in the container field and I have tried the following code - the send mail is set for Multiple emails (all records in the found set);


Go to layout ["People" (People)]

Go to Record/Request [First]

Set Variable [$emailAttachment; Value:People::pdfAttachment]

Send Mail [Send via SMTP Server; No dialog, To: "***@***.***"; Subject: "Hello"; Message: People::Name; "$emailAttachment"]


This sends the emails, with the variables in the message body (as expected), but nothing is attached. The debug suggests that the file name being picked up in the $emailAttachment appears to contain a 'Remote:' and 'File:' location.


I assume I am calling the file I want to attach incorrectly. I am currently pressing a button on a client layout to run this - if it makes any difference?


Any help would be apreciated.