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Accessing data in a container field with external storage via php

Question asked by pewi on Nov 13, 2014
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I am trying to load images stored in a container field with external storage (open) into my website using php. Data from ordinary fields are presented nicely but the image will not load until I enter user credentials for a user with full access to FM database. After I enter these information the browser remembers the credentials for the current session.


For the casual internet user I use a limited privilege set and the user credentials for this account are written into the php-script. The privilege set has view access to all fields in the table where the container field resides. Even if I change the credentials in the php-script to an account with full access privileges I am still foreced to enter the credentials again, when I try to load the images.


There seems to be two problems here:


1) Which privileges are missing for the internet user?


2) Why is it nesesary to type in user credentials, when these are allready within the php-script?


Does anyone know, what I am missing?


Kind regards