Options for "Perform Script By Name" Functionality?

Discussion created by steve_ssh on Nov 13, 2014
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Lately, when I've needed to invoke a FMP script where the target script is determined at runtime, I have been using a webviewer and the FMP URL protocol to trigger the script.


Though I don't have frequent use for this, it has been a nice technique to have in my toolbox.


This has worked fine for limited purposes so far, but it does require that I have a webviewer available somewhere on some layout.


This morning I was playing with the idea of using AppleScript (using do shell script) to trigger the FMP URL and pass any desired parameter. This seems a little cleaner to me, though it does severely limit the platform possibilities.





Has anyone else been using this particular technique, and if so, do you have any comments to share about it, e.g. possible pitfalls, successful use cases?



Sample File:


I'll attach the demo file that I've been working with to this post.


I'd be curious to know if it seems possible that this technique could be generalized to the Windows platform.





• The technique does not work (or so it seems) if used while the FMP script stack is in the middle of processing script steps. It seems to work fine if there are no other script steps remaining to be processed at the time that it is invoked.


• For iOS purposes, the WebViewer technique may still be my best resource.




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