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    Filemaker certification?


      Hey to everybody!


      I am new to FileMaker technology. I am now working with different objects and layouts for few days.
      I saw a page of "Becoming a certified FileMaker developer" ant there are topics listed that should
      you know to become a certified developer after taking an exam.I have few questions regarding this topic for you:


      1. Is there only one type of a licence?
      2. Topics like WebDirect (technology to embed solution in a browser) and ServerSide FM are not included in this licence?

      3. Licence covers more or less everything around FileMaker Pro (Layouts, DBs, Security, Reporting, Accounts..), correct me if I am wrong please.

      4. If I am developing mainly for Apple technology (iPad and iPhone) exist there some another certification tests, because the documentation in Tech center

      is divided (splitted) probably because there are some minor to moderate changes and principles if i developed for touch devices.


      Is there anyone who has passed the exam. Some information about how much into details should i go to prepare me for the exam and on which
      topics / areas is a stress by exams would be very good to hear from somebody.


      Please share your knowledge and give some answers.
      Thanks in advance.



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          Focus on making sure you can answer all of the FTS (FileMaker Training Series) questions at the end of each chapter. When you take the test, think about what answer is the best answer that someone at FileMaker would think of. There are some notoriously tricky questions on the test, but I've now passed the 11, 12 and 13 tests. One good tip is to take both current test releases (12 and 13 currently) within a few weeks of eachother as there is similar topics covered by both training series.


          To answer your questions:

          1) for license I'm assuming you mean certification, yes, there is only one certification for each edition of FileMaker. The certification covers the entire product line.

          2) All topics covered in FTS are on the test, and are part of the certification.

          3) You are correct, everything in FTS is covered.

          4) FileMaker Go is covered as part of the test as well. The test is for the entire FileMaker platform, not just individual sections.


          Good luck!