How to exclude a record value from a selected field in a calculation

Discussion created by josetorre162 on Nov 14, 2014
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When writing my case fucntions and I select the as District type to be a certain value, how can I tell the function to exclue one of the values of the field that contains the District type.

For example, in the following function, I am saying that when the Customers::Distr_Type = "SA-1" (Customers table, field SA-1) perform the repective cases.



Case (

Customers::Distr_Type = "SA-1"; ( If ( Readings_SecondTable::Water_Used_cf >10000 ; Readings_SecondTable::Water_Used_cf - 10000 ; 0 )





I would like to exclude a particular record (row) from the column field SA-1. How would I write this in the formula above?



Thank you for your help.