Looking for a small business payroll program

Discussion created by jjfcpa on Nov 15, 2014
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I have found this forum to be a valuable resource for Filemaker and by asking this question, I hope I am not breaking any rules.


As a small busines owner, I have been using Quickbooks for years. Intuit seems to be trying to squeeze as much cash flow out of their current customers because they have recently done a couple of things that I find quite disturbing.


1. Their payroll program now not only has a monthly charge, but a per employee charge per month. It will cost you $2 or $3 per month per employee to continue to use their payroll service.


2. As a practicing CPA, I also use Proseries, which is their tax preparation software for accountants. This year, there is a $ 359 additional charge for Fast Path, which allows you to e-file tax returns beyond the normal filing dates. They are passing this off as a separation of services from the process of actually creating the returns to the process of actually filing the returns. Since more than 80% of individual returns are now e-filed, it looks like they decided to use this as a way to pull off this crap.


So instead of just ponying up the additional amount, I'm looking for alternatives. Preferrably something that runs on a Mac.


The payroll program that looks the most promising is Checkmark Payroll. Has anyone used this program? Feedback would be appreciated.


I don't really need a full replacement for Quickbooks, because we have our own application that will allow me to enter cash receipts and disbursements and generate the general ledger, trial balance, and financials. I can enter the payroll information "after the fact" as accountants like to refer to it.


If anyone has any suggestions or better yet, if you know of any Filemaker solutions for payroll, I'd love to hear about it.