Intel E5 vs i7 processors FileMaker performance?

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Nov 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by richardcarlton

I was curious. I prefer to use a Mac for development and for a development machine, I can use a Mac Pro with E5 Xeon processors or a top of the line iMac with i7 processors. Xeon processors are focused on server services and i7 processor is focused on desktop computers. There are a number of technical comparisons such as E5 has a higher base frequency but i7 has a special feature for handling H.264 video compression that is not available on an E5, making the i7 faster in video.


The main item I want to know is for a given individual FileMaker process, will the Mac Pro E5 processor outperform an i7 on a top of the line iMac? Obviously the Mac Pro is a better server to spread processes across more cores, etc., but as a developer, I'll almost always be using one core for development purposes and suspect the i7 may be faster in regards to FileMaker Pro. I wonder if anyone has a comparison? It may be that the FileMaker Service runs better on the E5 while the FileMaker Pro application runs faster on an i7. That would be logical, but I have no imperical information to back this up.


Are there any tech gurus out that there have made a comparison? I would be interested.