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Import Records (Source) from script

Question asked by deninger on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by Mike Duncan

I have created a quick scipt to import records from another file. Essentially this is a scripted data transfer.


The script (as I have it now) cannot be run un-attended because in the Import Field Mapping dialog (see below). I find no way to specify the source database.


// to prepare the database for installation in another store.

// the data source needs to be specified in the $path variable below

Set Variable $path; Value:"fmnet:/" // set to the location of the existing data source.

Go to Layout ["DUR" (DUR)]

Import Records ["$path" ; Add ; Mac Roman]



Is there any way to select the "Source" from the Import Records script step? Without it, I have to perform the import manually at each point in the script.


Hopefully I am missing something easy or obvious.