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    How about an update for Yosemite compatibility?


      I know, I know, I shouldn´t disturb FM Inc's circles - but after a month of the publication of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, wouldn´t it be time for a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple to be fully compatible with the latest release of their operating system?


      Just as a reminder: FM Server officially isn´t working at all on 10.10 and so one can´t sell any new FM Server based installations of FM solutions to new Mac customers.


      Furthermore, there are severe bugs like the search-script-step not showing all searches, which should be eliminated ASAP - even if some people here think, that this script step shouldn´t be used by "professionals", it isn´t very professional either, that this script step doesn´t work any more as expected. Let people decide on their own whether they want to use this script step or not.


      Graphical bugs like the funny search field behaviour are so ridiculous and obvious, that it is a shame to see it happen.


      Last but not least there are enough other "known bugs" regarding WebDirect, style sheets etc. which could/should be eliminated a year after FM 13 came out - just my 2 cents.


      I remember that Bento was ceased, so that FMI could concentrate on FileMaker. Where is that "concentration" ?

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          "there are severe bugs like the search-script-step not showing all searches"


          I must have missed that thread. Can you describe this bug or link to another discussion. Does this appear while using 10.10 only?

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            Apple allowing installation of 10.9 on new computers would kinda solve the problem for the time being.

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              They, do if the hardware was around during that previous release.


              However, if you have not already downloaded it with the Apple ID you are going to use on that server, you must either:


              • get a copy of the installer from another compatible system (you can usually re-download from the Purchases tab in the App Store)
              • call (?) Apple to get a special reimbursment code to download.



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                One annoying thing in Yosemite with FMPA 13.0v3 is that a number of key commands disappear such as Command-L for layout for Command-N for new record or Command-E for duplicate record or Command-T for Omit record or Command-R for modify last find or Command-S for sort.  At least those are the ones I've noticed so far.  Maybe those had a convlict with Accessibilitiy keys in the OS or something like that.  But it sure would be nice to choose to have them available in FileMaker. 

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                  Hi TechNutters ...


                  On Sunday, whilst running FMPA 13.0v3 on my 17" MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,3), I noticed that the 'Cmd-L’ (Layout Mode) shortcut had become disabled after I had closed the ‘Manage Database’ window.


                  It has been suggested that this issue occurs when the shortcuts for ‘Field Type’ are not properly reset by FMPA when the ‘Manage Database’ window is closed.


                  But this was on a machine running ‘Mavericks’ (10.9.5) and not ‘Yosemite’!


                  I have not noticed this issue before (I use FMPA on this machine every day), which makes me think that this may have been caused by a recent security upgrade to ‘Mavericks’ (or some other software).


                  So the fact that FileMaker doesn't list this as a Yosemite bug in FMPA 13.0v3 may be because it is an issue affecting older OS’s as well.


                  (And I was planning to avoid this issue completely by not upgrading to Yosemite yet!)


                  Best wishes - Alan Stirling - London UK.

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                    May I add another bug in FM13 on Yosemite?


                    If you use the magnifying glass to "pick up" a color the layout, the cursor disappears until I switch to another app and go back to FM.


                    Richard Gross

                    Blueberry Database Consulting

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                      Wish it were only that... the picked color goes from wrong to totally wrong. For example, the same pixel is reported to be RGB 193 237 253 by apple's digital color meter and 180 233 254 by Filemaker's. And the profile value chosen in the cogwheel does not stick, goes always back to Generic RGB.

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                        Today I managed to successfully install and deploy Filemaker Server 13 on a new mac mini.


                        The steps are:


                        1) Do the initial MacMini setup with yosemite, update to 10.10.1


                        2) Install Java from here, because the Java installer called by FMS installer cba to figure out that 10.10 > 10.7.3:  support.apple.com/kb/DL1572


                        3) Install the FMS v2, then update to v3 and v4. The update wants spotlight to be active (strange) so disable it (drag mac HD to privacy tab) only after compleing the update.


                        If you can access the server locally, with kbd, mouse and screen, there are no differences from installing it on 10.9.x. If you can't, you should think about TeamViever, ARD etc because the Admin page can only be called from the local machine, not over the network. Bearing that in mind, the server works flawlessly for users accessing the deployed databases.


                        According to FM Support, the following features do not currently function on Mac OS 10.10:

                        - Accessing the Admin Console from a machine other than the FileMaker Server machine

                        - Web Publishing; both WebDirect and CWP

                        - Uploading databases through FileMaker Pro

                        - Streaming of Interactive content in container fields

                        - Inserting data in externally stored container fields from all clients

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                          Hi Siplus


                          When you say the server works flawlessly is that with the exception of those features that according to FM Suport do not currently function or by flawlessly are you saying these functions did work following your steps?


                          If those features listed by FM Support are not working then, in my mind, Yosemite and FileMaker Server 13 don't work. Many of my solutions rely heavily on using container fields so this would be a show stopper.


                          I am currently looking to purchase a new server for a client and your feedback is timely and appreciated.


                          Thanks for sharing your experience.



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                            Well, our solution does not suffer from any of the exposed shortcomings. Only local network, no external containers etc. Typical, for solutions that were born years ago when these features didn't exist, have a vast installed base and people that want or must change their computers. For all the developers sharing a similar situation, there's no reason to wait, suffer and gather client frustration on a daily basis like it is now. That's the only point I wanted to make. What FM Support says still holds, so if you depend on these features, refrain from doing it. We don't.

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                              good things come if you are patient.

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                                How true John. I remember being all annoyed when the ipad came out and FileMaker wasn't there only to get FileMaker Go six months later!

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