Importing script step with a variable?

Discussion created by jjfcpa on Nov 17, 2014
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I'm attempting to import a file using the Import Recrods script step. I'm also using Base Elements select file function to get the file I want to import from. No errors, but nothing is getting imported. Here are my script steps:



Set Variable [ $Importfile; Value:"filemac:" & BE_SelectFile ( "Select CSV file to import transactions from" ) ]

Import Records [ Source: “$Importfile”; Target: “Visa_Import”; Method: Add; Character Set: “UTF-8”; Field Mapping: Source field 1 import to Visa_Import::Date

Source field 2 import to Visa_Import::CCNumber Source field 3 import to Visa_Import::Payee Source field 4 import to Visa_Import::Debit Source field 5 import to Visa_Import::Credit ]


The $Importfile is getting properly populated.


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?