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    Urgent Help needed: Problem with Global Fields in FileMaker...


      Hi All,


      I am working on a project of FileMaker PHP. Unfortunately I stuck with an issue in it.


      I am using


      Product: FileMaker Server 13 v13.0.4.400


      Number of Files Hosted: 28


      PHP Version: v5.3.27


      Java Version: 1.0.8_25


      Actually the problem is that whenever I use SetField[Stud::Global1; 123] script step to execute from the PHP side it works fine means set the value 123 in the Global field, but whenever I try this same script step with a little change like SetField[Stud::Global1; Stud::StudID], then it is not setting any of the value in it.


      Please help us. I need it urgently or pass this question to the right group of developers.

      Appreciate your quick response.