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relationship graph for directory application

Question asked by wellman_jill on Nov 18, 2014
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The app is directory for a small community.


One or more people (TOC) live in a unit (TOC) . Both tables containe a unitID which is the key field for the unit table

and a foreign key for the people who live in the unit.

For a unit layout, the people who live there are shown in a portal.


A Listing TOC should show resident information alphatized by last name

if one or more people with the same last name live in a unt, then they have one listing, e.g.,

Doe, Jane and Robert

If two or more people with different last names live together in one unit, they require two listings, e.g.,

Smith, Jane and Jone, Bill

and also

Jones Bill and Smith Jane


Thus any resident can be looked up by his or her last name.


A unique key for Listings is unidID&lastName



I can't figure out how to create the relationship(s) between Listings, people, and units.



I hope someone may have a solution or pointers.


Thanks, Jill