Database could not be removed from folder path (20402)

Discussion created by CICT on Nov 17, 2014
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Just wondering whether other people have problems removing files from within the admin console in FMS on Windows servers?


After closing a file (and related files), then trying to remove it the log reports 'Database fileName.fmp12 could not be removed from folder 'filewin:/folderPath/' (20402)


This error has been reported frequently on the web for various previous versions but there doesn't appear to be any explanation as to why this happens. There are suggestions relating to permissions (but mainly on Mac OS X), number of files in a directory, etc. but we've experienced this on our hosted servers where many databases are running and customers local servers, where only a few files are running. All related files are closed but some will remove and some won't. We do always run a seconary container folder, rather than use a folder within the FileMaker file folder. This can occur on one database on the server but not another and can happen if progressive backups are in use or not.


On a wider subject, we don't believe FileMaker has got the upload/removal correct when using externally stored container fields. If you use FileMaker Server to remove a file then it removes the corresponding container folder into the 'Removed by FMS' folder. Although we mainly avoid this by using data separation, some of our cloud customers do wish to carry out an upgrade of their systems. In the scenario where the secondary container folder is stored on a separate, higher capacity drive (and we have CRM systems with Gbs of data), the user has to wait for all files to be copied back to the FMS folder, then carry out their upload using FileMaker Pro, which will create a new container folder, then close the FileMaker file, then remove the new container folder, then copy the original container folder back - as our cloud users don't have access to the file structure of the server, we have to do this work for them. The only other option is to take all the externally stored data back into the file before removing it, which is not a viable option.


Ideally what we'd like is (another post to feature requests)


1. Be able remove a file from within FMS but with the option to leave the container folder in place


2. Be able to upload a file with a container folder already in place (it currently errors)


3. Be able to schedule backups that can both include and exclude the container folder


I know FileMaker are damned if they do and damned if they don't with the above requests, other than no. 3, but as the average user doesn't tend to get involved with FileMaker Server, then 1. and 2. should be an 'advanced' option.