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    Error 791 error during progressive backup




      We are experiencing error messages on our FileMaker Server 13. For 10 days now we’ve been receiving an error 791 message that shows problems during a progressive backup:


      Error during progressive backup of "Dokumente_Main", a newer copy will be used or made. Remote container directory could not be moved from "file:/E:/FMBackupProgressiv/IncrementalBackup_2014-11-17_2345/Databases/MainDev/ Dokumente_Main" to "filewin:/E:/FMBackupProgressiv/InProgress_FMS/Databases/MainDev/". (20402)


      The event does not follow a regular pattern; in the past 8 days we experienced it between 1 and 6 times per day.


      The event seems to not interfere with scheduled backups.


      We already made sure that the virus scan software for these directories is disabled (referring to a similar problem: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/a283051d21)


      Configuration information:

      FileMaker Server:

      Server: Windows 2008 R2

      Service Pack: Service Pack 1

      Memory: 16384 MB

      Backup Volume Capacity 1024 GB

      Backup Volume Free Space 963 GB


      We have a whole bunch of incremental backup folders now, see attached screenshot.




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          Hi Michael,


          Are you storing container data on a different volume than the database files? Having trouble recalling the exact details, and this may not relate at all, but we had a FMS 13.0v1 server with erratic backup issues using that configuration. This was filed as a bug by FMI, but I don't know if the issue was fixed in subsequent releases, and I've been reluctanct to try it again.



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            Hello Michael,


            If you can, disable all services on that server apart from FileMaker Server processes and see if that solves the problem. This is may have to be a diagnostic, interim solution to help you narrow down the issue, not a production strategy.


            I'm assuming this isn't a virtual machine?


            Best wishes,


            Beatrice Beaubien, PhD

            i2eye, Toronto, Canada


            FileMaker Business Alliance

            FileMaker 13 Certified Developer

            Knowledge Translation Certified Professional

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              Thank you very much for your help, my apologies for the late response.


              Yes, it is not a virtual machine. We have disabled all services, but could not solve the problem.


              Now, we have decided to switch off progressive backups completely. Not really the solution, but we have given up on further looking for the mistake. We want to try it again with the new server version and see if the message still pops up. I will post the result here...


              Again, thanks a lot for your input!