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Error 791 error during progressive backup

Question asked by Polarpro on Nov 18, 2014
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We are experiencing error messages on our FileMaker Server 13. For 10 days now we’ve been receiving an error 791 message that shows problems during a progressive backup:


Error during progressive backup of "Dokumente_Main", a newer copy will be used or made. Remote container directory could not be moved from "file:/E:/FMBackupProgressiv/IncrementalBackup_2014-11-17_2345/Databases/MainDev/ Dokumente_Main" to "filewin:/E:/FMBackupProgressiv/InProgress_FMS/Databases/MainDev/". (20402)


The event does not follow a regular pattern; in the past 8 days we experienced it between 1 and 6 times per day.


The event seems to not interfere with scheduled backups.


We already made sure that the virus scan software for these directories is disabled (referring to a similar problem:


Configuration information:

FileMaker Server:

Server: Windows 2008 R2

Service Pack: Service Pack 1

Memory: 16384 MB

Backup Volume Capacity 1024 GB

Backup Volume Free Space 963 GB


We have a whole bunch of incremental backup folders now, see attached screenshot.