When does field content load?

Discussion created by hrcap on Nov 19, 2014
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Afternoon All


having created my solution on filemaker i am now look at ways to optimise performance such as decreasing the time it takes for a layout to load.


For this i need some fundamental knowledge that i dont currently posses and im hoping that some of you may be able to fill the gaps.




I have two tables:


- Table 1 (containing 10 fields)


- Table 2 (containing 20 fields)


these tables are joined via a relationship





1) If i load a layout that displays only five fields from table 1, will filemaker effectively be loading all of the info from all 10 fields, or will it only be loading those five fields?


2) If i have a table 1 layout with a portal displaying 3 fields from table 2, will the portal only be loading those three fields or will it be loading all 20 fields for each record displayed in the portal?



I hope that this makes sense.


And thank you in advance for any responses.