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Dragging and Dropping  an Windows Outlook Attachment to an External Storage Container

Question asked by JimBrear on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by JimBrear

After a big weekend of moving 21000 items stored in a mapped drive to External Storage for a client, the first comment I get is "we cannot drag an attachment from outlook to a container field".


We are using Windows versions of the software, and testing here indicates they are right.


I can drag an attachment from an email to the desktop, then drag it from the desktop to the container field. That is a 2 step process that leaves a redundant file on the desktop.


If I drag from outlook to the container field I get the arrow and + sign when hovering over the container field, but the file does not move to the container field.


Copying and pasting the attachment does not work either.


Has anyone found a way to make this work.


Best Wishes


Jim Brear