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Sharing a file reading data from an external source (another FM file)

Question asked by lmnieves on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by lmnieves

I am trying to share a file from FileMaker Pro Advance with the Server version. I am having a particular problem with this because this shared file is attached to an external file. Both files are in different locations, but within the same server where FM Server is located. The two files work more or less like this. One file imports data from text files coming from another program. This is the repository. Then, a second FileMaker file is linked to this for reading the data and performing some calculations and serve as the reporting interface. However, the reporting interface file does not copy the data, just read from the external tables. I loaded first the reporting interface into FM Server. When logged in, the system showed a warning message about the "repository" file being a "shared" file and should not be "opened" from a remote location, but from a location where the FM exists.


I tried uploading both files into FM Server, changing their "sharing" parameters, but nothing seemed to work. Could someone point me to the right direction on how to make these two related files work on FM Server? This is the first time I try to do this kind of arrangement. All the other I made, contained the data within the same file, not from an external source.


How should I handle this?


Thanks in advance!!!