Additional security layer - is there a demand?

Discussion created by HOnza on Nov 20, 2014
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Hi there,


I am wondering if there is a market for a product that would provide an additinal level of security/encryption to FileMaker solutions.

If you work with clients dealing with high security requirements, is this something you would find beneficial and worth some extra investment?


We do have encrypted communication, and now with FM 13 also encryption at rest, plus OS-level security such as FileVault on Mac or the activation lock on iOS, but...


We as developers have limited ways to enforce OS-level security to be enabled.

We have no native way to have part of a database encrypted witha different encryption key than the other parts.

And it's hard for us to protect our clients against our own access if we want to maintain the ability to take care of their solutions as developers.


So, I can imagine that being able to


  • encrypt individual data records or fields
  • use different encryption keys for different chunks of data
  • enforce encryption at all times
  • use it efficiently even off-line in FileMaker Go
  • encrypt data on one device/client and decrypt on another one
  • have the data protected by multiple layers of security


can let us develop solutions that meet more strict security requirements of some segments, such as medical, military, finance, etc.



Based on a preliminary demand from a client I have a product addressing these needs half-developed, but I have recently discovered that it would take significant additional effort to finish it to a reasonable form, so I am trying to find out whether there is enough demand for it and what would be a good price point.


If you have such need or if you work with a client that might benefit from such functionality, would you please let me know your thoughts on this?