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    Suppress Save Prompt


      Again - fairly new to FM, I have searched but I cannot find anything that seems close. Can you suppress the save prompt on a layout where you have disabled automatic saving?

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          I did a work around involving a copy of the table witht the key fields as globals then I passed the values to the origional table using vars & cleared globals. It got the job done.

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            [Edit - didn't see your followup when posting this reply, but it may be of interest anyway.]


            Hello Andrew,


            Reading between the lines a bit, I think I see what you're asking; feel free to add more details if not.  You mean the save prompt that comes up on clicking out of a field and onto the layout background, correct? 


            There is an old trick—can't remember where or when I first learned it—that handles this nicely. Place an empty web viewer object across the back of your layout, behind other objects. Fill the layout with this web viewer and set its edges to anchor on all sides, so that it will expand with the window. Importanly, set the option to not allow user interaction with content (of which, of course, there won't be any, but his is important nonetheless). This will nicely keep background clicks from triggering that prompt. Of course, if you've disable automatic saving on the layout, then at some point you'll need to deal with any record data changes, likely via a scripted "Save" (and, along side, "Cancel") button.





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              What you're looking for is the OnRecordCommit Script Trigger.