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    FMS 13 Yosemite, static IP not binding and web services will not start

      Just performed fresh install and update #8 (or was it 9?) on a Mac Pro with Yosemite. Web services will not start, and further only localhost ( is active while the static IP is not available, even from the server itself.


      Tried many combos of:

      • deleting all files in Library/FileMaker Server, also tried leaving the residual files (including DB files) in folders after uninstall
      • updating to 13.0.5 before performing setup, performing at v1, performing at v4
      • reinstalls using only the FMServer_Sample file, no additional files added
      • Apple's built-in firewall on, firewall off upon install
      • used Terminal to start/stop services and attempt to start wpe
      • tried starting web services at v1, at v4, at v5
      • tried starting web service ONLY after arriving at v5


      Database files are being served, and all other functions are fine (although in about 1/3 of the above installs the files remained closed and would not open at all.) This includes the FMServer_Sample file, so it's not a permissions issue. I've seen the inability to start IWP on both Mac and PC in the past, but this one feels different



      1. Is anyone having the same or similar issue?
      2. I'm using vnc/ARD, is it even possible that this could be causing a problem? Has not been in the past.
      3. Is there a full install of FMS_13.0.5 available?


      Thanks in advance.



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          YES.  Have just done the 10.10.1 install after first completely uninstalling my previous Dev copy of FMS 13.  Agonisingly slow download of the Yosemite installer (6 hrs).


          There is a full installer for FMS 13.05.  (I think I went to my Technet/ Software page.)


          Still no successful install of FMS tho'.  Apparently the issue lies with Apache - something about it is stuffed in the Yosemite installer setup.  My situation seems to be slightly different to yours - I have no localhost access, or access or via the ip:16000.  Very annoying.  The 'solutions' suggested on various chatrooms are uber-geeky, verging on the ridiculous.  I'll probably resort to the phone during office hours.


          Note:  has nothing to do with Yosemite's reported wifi issues; this machine has cable access.




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            Adding layers of annoyance:  the FMPA installers do not work (.dmg doesn't launch).


            I had hoped to install the DevCon version of FMPA on this particular dev machine as I haven't used that particular licence up until now.  First tried the one that came from the original link.  Since that was pre-Yosemite, not really surprising that it did not work (13.03).  Then downloaded the FMP(A) 13.04 from the downloads page.  It's described as an update but at roughly 600 Mb, it was bigger than the 13.03 .dmg so it seemed like a reasonable bet that it was the whole thing, and that it might allow me to use the relevant L#.  Sadly, that .dmg - from today's FMI Downloads page - does not launch at all in 10.10.1, so I don't know yet if it's a full installer or not.


            Time management:  I had hoped that one day would be sufficient to upgrade two machines to Yosemite, plus an iPad and iPhone to iOS8, along with their respective FM requirements.  Wrong.  It's at least a two day job.



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              That you VERY much for pointing me to the full installer. I was using the client's installer and updates to v5, which take longer but also worried me that the server was attempting to bind to web services just after you install. Apache file(s) had to be wrong from the very first install.


              No matter what I did to precent the attempt, FileMaker Server starts its services as the last process of install. Even if you do not attampt to turn on web services, and even if you use Terminal to stop all FMS services before updating to v5, you may be screwed at this point.


              Here's what I did, just in case it helps you or others.

              • Stopped FileMaker Server service
              • Restarted Mac (just in case)
              • Downloaded full v5 installer
              • Uninstalled FileMaker Server
              • Did NOT remove files from Library/FileMaker Server
              • Restarted Mac (just in case)
              • Installed FMS v5
              • Completed setup


              That's it, and it took about 15 minutes (we are using a Mac Pro, so even restarts are fast.) The above sequence did not work for us when we started with anythng other than the full installer.


              Thanks again. I'd be happy to help troubleshoot your problem, so please feel free to keep this thread going.



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                Hi Scott,


                Really pleased to hear that it worked for you.  I won't be able to troubleshoot for about 36 hours; onsite elsewhere today and presentation tomorrow morning but will probably get back to cranky soon after that.  Basically, I went through the same process yesterday, the difference being that I'd actually uninstalled FMS prior to the Yosemite install, and therefore I needed the full FMS install from the outset.  Yes, various restarts throughout, including the modem as well, just in case.  But it's the localhost link for more that isn't working.


                All the best,


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                  It appears that FMI updated their instructions with a link to the full install very shortly after the initial annaouncemnt. I'm pretty sure the full download was not available when I jumped on the opportunity to update our Mac right after the announcement. Even some techs at FMI (at least one) are not aware of this need, but the updated instructions make the process clear.


                  Others on this forum were aware of the need for the complete install, but none chimed in but you, so thanks again.


                  We have seen localhost issues in the past using IWP, but they were rare and difficult, and typically we resorted to a reisntall of the OS. Good luck.