FMS 13 Yosemite, static IP not binding and web services will not start

Discussion created by disabled_ScottKoontz on Nov 22, 2014
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Just performed fresh install and update #8 (or was it 9?) on a Mac Pro with Yosemite. Web services will not start, and further only localhost ( is active while the static IP is not available, even from the server itself.


Tried many combos of:

  • deleting all files in Library/FileMaker Server, also tried leaving the residual files (including DB files) in folders after uninstall
  • updating to 13.0.5 before performing setup, performing at v1, performing at v4
  • reinstalls using only the FMServer_Sample file, no additional files added
  • Apple's built-in firewall on, firewall off upon install
  • used Terminal to start/stop services and attempt to start wpe
  • tried starting web services at v1, at v4, at v5
  • tried starting web service ONLY after arriving at v5


Database files are being served, and all other functions are fine (although in about 1/3 of the above installs the files remained closed and would not open at all.) This includes the FMServer_Sample file, so it's not a permissions issue. I've seen the inability to start IWP on both Mac and PC in the past, but this one feels different



  1. Is anyone having the same or similar issue?
  2. I'm using vnc/ARD, is it even possible that this could be causing a problem? Has not been in the past.
  3. Is there a full install of FMS_13.0.5 available?


Thanks in advance.