When try to run FMS 12 Start page keeps asking for Java

Discussion created by dloughlin on Nov 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2014 by wimdecorte

I have just installed FMServer 12 on a clients server, and when ever I try to start the console, it keeps asking me to install Java, even though I have already installed it. I have tried using both IE11 and Chrome as the default browser, but that doesn't make a difference. I updated FMServer to 12.05, and that also hasn't made a difference.

The server is Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1, which I don't see listed in the tech specs, but is that different than 2008 R2 Standard?

I'm at a loss as to what to try next, so any help would be appreciated.


Dennis Loughlin