How to add a value of a record to another record

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I am trying to add a value from a record to another record. The picture shows a red rectangle, I would like to have this red rectangle to also include the value of

the specific record. The two records have the same APN number "055-0570-002" but different Customer service address values.


So far the calculation I have done is the following,


Case (

Customers::Lot= "055-570-002 RV#1 OUTLOT B" and Units_G_C="GALLONS" ;

( If ( Units_G_C="GALLONS" and Customers::Lot="055-570-002 RV#1 OUTLOT B" ; ((Current_Reading-Previous_Reading)/7.48); Current_Reading-Previous_Reading )) +

( If ( Customers::Lot= "055-570-002 RV#2 (second meter)" and Units_G_C="GALLONS" ; ((Current_Reading-Previous_Reading)/7.48); Current_Reading-Previous_Reading ) ) ;

If ( Units_G_C="GALLONS" ; ((Current_Reading-Previous_Reading)/7.48); Current_Reading-Previous_Reading )



I does not seen to work, any idea how to accomplish this?