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Filemaker Pro 13 and Yosemite legacy Java SE 6

Question asked by MartinCrosman on Nov 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by biberkopf

On a newer MacBook Pro I updated it to Yosemite last night. I also update FileMaker Pro 13 using recent updates.


In a couple of solution files I have I use the Scribe plug in from 360 Works but I had not installed the plug in. The files consistently ended up crashing FileMaker.


I then tried to install the plug in to see if that would change things. During the install of the plug in I got the message that the legal Java SE 6 runtime needed to be installed.


I decided to pass on this until I could learn more about this. However now when I try to open FileMaker I get this message:


To open FileMaker Pro Advanced you need to install the legacy Java 6 run time dialogue box.

'My choices are More Info which takes me to blank page or

OK which closed the dialogue.


Anyone experienced this? Any advice? I have report this to 360 Works support.