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Finding the monthy sum in the data

Question asked by siddhant530 on Nov 23, 2014
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I started to use filemaker a few months ago and till now i was setting up the environment and importing the data from the excel files. Now that I have the layout and the data in the database, I would like to work on the calculations that i would like to do. in the database i have fields for the month, year along with a purchasing fields storing some numbers. the purchasing is of type number. What I would like to do is to display the sum for the different records according to the month. Therefore i would like to display a sum of purchasing for all records in the month of January, february and so on for the current month. I tried to use to sum function to do this but it only dispalys the first record in that month and not the sum. When i look in list view, it gets all the numbers for that month but not the sum. How can I accomplish this? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.