Log in dialog not popping up

Discussion created by LauraZ. on Nov 24, 2014
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Hi all,


I have a file set to open with a default user account, and then there is an 'on first window open' opener script. The file has been loaded up onto the Server. So, now each time I hold down the option button on my Mac to log in with my developer account and password, the dialog that pops up is not the log in dialog, but instead a question about whether I want the local version or the Server version. When I choose local version, while holding down the option button, it just opens based on the default account. I cannot get Full Access to my file. Worrisome.


Oh, I also have used script debugger, but it only fires for the onfirstwindowopen script, and by then authentication is already complete.




Thank you!






OK, I did a fresh uninstall re-install of FMPA over the break, and everything is working as it should. Thank you again for your responses and help. I knew something was screwy. All set now.

Cherrio till next time!