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    Log in dialog not popping up


      Hi all,


      I have a file set to open with a default user account, and then there is an 'on first window open' opener script. The file has been loaded up onto the Server. So, now each time I hold down the option button on my Mac to log in with my developer account and password, the dialog that pops up is not the log in dialog, but instead a question about whether I want the local version or the Server version. When I choose local version, while holding down the option button, it just opens based on the default account. I cannot get Full Access to my file. Worrisome.


      Oh, I also have used script debugger, but it only fires for the onfirstwindowopen script, and by then authentication is already complete.




      Thank you!






      OK, I did a fresh uninstall re-install of FMPA over the break, and everything is working as it should. Thank you again for your responses and help. I knew something was screwy. All set now.

      Cherrio till next time!

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          I can't reproduce the problem. While double clicking a local file with the "Log in using" option while holding done the option key while selecting the local version option produces the user/pass dialog for me, as expected.

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            I suspect you have two versions of the file - one that is local to your computer and has been "tagged" as being uploaded to FileMaker Server and one that is loaded and hosted on FileMaker Server. 


            You likely make the login change to one of them but not the other.  From reading your email it sounds like you want to open the file that is hosted by Server so I would recommend that you open that one directly versus opening the one that is local on your machine.


            See here for more information...




            Steve Romig

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Yeah, normally this works just fine. I can't get the Log in dialog while holding down the options key or shift key on Server or locally - just with this file.


              Even earlier versions now won't open with the log in dialog step included. Other solutions in my queue do fine, even when they have been uploaded to my FMServer.


              The 'tag' is interrupting, and when it doesn't interrupt, now I find that it still is bypassing to open to the default user account on even old versions of this file. I can't get to Layout mode or any security. As I mentioned, Script debugger asks for my Full Access account credentials, but when I enter them, it just does the first window open script and ends up in the default user account.


              It is only this file, and all versions of it going back at least to January. As I said, my other files, hosted and otherwise are not having any of this difficulty.


              This may not be related: I was having difficulty with another file upon opening - a never hosted file. It was going to 'hidden window' status upon opening, and I could not get it to 'show hidden window'. I used script debugger to exit opening script steps that seemed to be triggering the hiding. It was illogical to me that those steps would be causing the file window to hide, but with those script steps removed, and finally the entire opener script, the problem seems to be resolved. I just now added back an opener script, and all is well with that one probably unrelated issue.


              Thanks for your help and attention to the other file that is still stuck in default account mode.



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                Thank you for trying it. Yes, it usually does work for me as well.