>>> $8 Paid for Each Valid Bug Reported for current release of FMSP <<<

Discussion created by richardcarlton on Nov 24, 2014
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I have given cash away to people who answered questions correctly at my Devcon sessions before!!!


This time I am giving cash way to people to report valid bugs to


Do not report the bugs here. LOL




(1) The bugs must be on the current release of FMSP. 


(2) The bugs must be reproducable based on your description of the problem report.  So write a good step by step process.


(3) Please tell us what kind of computer or device you are using. iPad, Windows, Mac?


(4) You must be the first or second person to report the bug. 


(5) This program may be cancelled at anytime.


(6) Your Email subject should say "Cash for Bugs"


(7) Richard Carlton will be the final Judge of bug awards.  But I want to pay you for valid bug finds! 


I'll want to put cold hard cash in your hands!!!



Richard Carlton
CEO, Senior Engineer
Richard Carlton Consulting Inc.
voice: 408-492-9701

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