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Goodbye to remote desktop, hello to WebDirect ?

Question asked by hugall1998 on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by ibrahim_bittar

Hi all

After searching the forum and finding nothing definite on the subject I would greatly appreciate advice from you, more experienced, users.


My setup is as follows:

My computer environment is windows 7. My company is a large one and all hardware is fully optimized.

Currently I run a FM 11 file (a rather large and complicated one, ca 100 mb) on a FM 11 server that resides on a dedicated server. The users (overseas) connect via remote desktop connection to the remote desktop (that resides on its own separate server), fire up a FM pro 11 client that connects (via open remote) to the FM 11 server.

I need to increase the number of FM pro licences on the remote desktop machine as the number of users will increase in the next couple of month (more sites are added to the project). As the FM pro 11 is no longer supported I must buy FM pro 13.

Filemakers licencing structure makes this renewing rather expensive. For the adequate number of new FM pro 13, 1x FM pro 13 advanced and 1x FM pro 13 server the costs goes through the roof so to speak.


So, my idea was to bypass the upgrading of the FM pro clients on the remote desktop, upgrade only the FM pro server + 1x Fm pro advanced and set up my file using WebDirect instead the remote desktop connection. I guess this would also save me the costs of the remote desktop server machine.


My questions are as follows:

a) Is this a good idea at all? I‘m mostly thinking in terms of speed for the user (overseas).


b) If this is a viable option, can anyone who has gone this path already give me some advice on what pitfalls to avoid and what things to focus on? (for example, I found posts on the forum detailing that when using WebDirect it may be neccessary to rewrite the file from scratch in FM 13 native theme format to avoid speed problems, is this the reality? Will be quite a job for me :-)


many thanks for you advice


Larus Jon.