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    Web Direct - List View


      I created a simple view only table that I want to share via webdirect. The problem I encountered is that a field is not displaying properly in List View when sorted in the browser. If I unsort the table, or view it in form view, the field displays properly. Any ideas? The field displays properly in FileMakerPro.

      The image on the left is the record in FilaMaker Pro, On the right, in Chrome. I tried different browsers and it seems to be the first item in the sorted group.


      Below is the unsorted view


      Any thought are very much appreciated.

      Thank you,


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          Mike Duncan

          Is that layout in FM Pro actually in table view or list view? Table view is not supported in webdirect.

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            It is in List View. The FileMaker Pro pic shown above on the left is Table View. The Web Direct view on the right is in List View.


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              Look at it in list view in filemaker pro, chances are your field is actually that size.


              table view and list view are two completely separate views and should not be expected to look and act the same.


              You have to manually set your field size and body part size of that layout in order for it to display appropriately. If you believe that you have, send a screenshot of your layout in layout mode.

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                In the shots above, the top right is the sorted list view in web direct, The lower one is the unsorted List View in Webdirect. Note the difference in the field size shaded in purple of the top right.

                Below is the layout view.


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                  Sorry, I thought you were trying to make the list view look more like the table view.


                  As for the cutoff, can you check the code to see if the entire text string is rendered in the code? I usually use chrome inspector to do this.

                  What happens when you make that row active?

                  Have you tried switching themes?

                  Is there any sliding or autosizing on that notes field?


                  If your goal is only to share information, you might want to use merge fields instead of full fields, as they load faster and are less prone to CSS quirks like input fields are. I usually recommend keeping separate layouts for WebDirect and Desktop FileMaker so you can make adjustments accordingly.

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                    Thank you Mike,

                    Changing the theme from Classic to a different one solved the issue! I'll also move the items merge fields. 


                    When making the row active I am able to highlight and, copy, and paste the entire string even though it is not visbile to me. Record 1 - i s the partiallly rendered field.. Record 2 displays the entire contents of the field. 


                    The theme is classic

                    No Sliding or autosizing


                    Sorry for the communication woes in that I posted a picture in table view and used the word table in the description of the problem,

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                      It’s odd behavior for sure, but the classic theme was designed as a “catch-all” theme for conversions from FM11 and earlier, and is a bit unpredictable for WebDirect.


                      You might want to give your file a layout refresh to bring it up to FM13 standards. Most of the “aspire” series themes are optimized for WebDirect. Personally I find myself using “sophisticated” a lot, and I’ve yet to run into any odd render issues like you had.

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                        That is good to know about classic

                        Have a great day!