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    Login after Registration in IWP


      I have a IWP-Database open to changing people. When they first enter the website, they are automatically logged in as user public. We simulate a "not-logged-in"-status. Once they have registered they receive an email with a link back to the website. In the background the account for the user has been created and now we want him to be logged in with this new account.


      We´re using a PHPfile that opens the filemakerdatabase with the new account and it all works fine, when the user has left the public session in the meantime but when he is still logged in with the public user the browser just opens the window and does nothing because the filemakersession is still valid.


      Is there a way to log off from the running filemaker session to make sure the new Login works? Or alternatively to force the browser to open a new session for this login?


      Many thanks in advance.




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          Mike Duncan

          Hi Nicola,


          What version of FM Server is this for? To end a session, you can try script steps "close file" or "exit application" to end a session and direct the browser back to the default home page. If you're using a custom home page, it can redirect there.



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            Hi Mike,


            no unfortunately this does not really solve the problem. I want the user not to have to do anything. I want him to hit a link in an email and then get back to the IWP-website and be logged in with his new account. It all works well when there is no active session with the file, but when the user is still using the website and logged in with the ‚public‘-account you cannot log in again.


            It seems we have to delete cookies or the session-id or somehow make IWP end the session from outside filemaker.


            Thanks a lot anyway, I didn’t explain my problem very well - and it is filemaker server advanced 12, by the way.



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              Stephen Huston

              I would expect some scripting to process for the creation of the new user account and email of the link. Couldn't you script the closing of the browser/client session as part of this, so the file looks for credentials again when returning?