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How to prevent multiple, simultaneous logons using same Account?

Question asked by dew119 on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by 34South

I am needing a strategy for my opening script that will prevent multiple, simultaneous access using the same Account

(e.g., to prevent users from sharing their account logon info to achieve access by more users than are Licensed).


Though I have incorporated Get(UserCount) to manage the # of Licenses, this does not pevent the simultaneous use of the same Account.


Is there a "Get" function that gives a live-update of the "active / logged on" AccountNames ... e.g., Get(ActiveAccountNames)" ?


I've tried setting global fields with multiple repetitons with Get(AccountNames) when each user log ons /off. But, this fails due to auto logoffs/timeouts, etc.


All help so appreciated !.