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Encryption in FM

Question asked by jurijn on Nov 26, 2014
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While I was reading about security topics, I noticed database encryption.

I have few questions and want to open interesting debate about security concerns.


Should all solutions (DBFM files) that are outside of a production enviroment be encrypted?

There I think on disks, PCs and laptops, USB and other devices...(backups and development environment)


If I understood right is that encryption just another layer of security before someone can try to access solution with his credentials (pass and account name).

In FM help it is mentioned that after 5 attempts, the process quits. What means that?

Is solution than locked to prevent brute force attacks or are these possible.

Is theresome functinality to prevent brute force attacks on a login layer.


Must this encryption password always be given, when some user accesses a solution (before log in) or work that like unzipping with difference that a user in front of process

type in an encryption password and the file is then decrypted for repetead accesses (2 phisical files, 1 encrypted and another one new decrypted...).


I miss the ability of setting more advanced password rules in FileMaker PRO (length, type of charachters etc...). Why is this not implemented in FM?


Please share some your opinions and experience.