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    Why JavaScript?


      As we get ready to realease our new calendar add-on for FileMaker 13, I thought it would be cool to review some of the reasons we chose to do this in JS, and some of the tradeoffs. We think this will make things a lot easier for FileMaker developers integrating the calendar into their files.


      Here's a short video on why we chose JS and what this means for beginner and intermediate devs who want to modiy this: Why JavaScript


      Hope you enjoy checking it out.


      - John


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          What a really great demo, and a super-impressive looking product.  The video was defintely worth watching to see all the great things that you are up to.



          Some specific things that I really like:


            1) How beautiful it looks, and how easy it seems to use.


            2) The whole code merge concept.  I have been thinking about that quite a bit lately, and it's great to see someone already doing it and that it seems to work out very well.


            3) I like that your product sits at a nice place both within and also just to the side of typical FM development skills.


             As an example:


          It encourages all of us to develop or improve our CSS chops at a time in the history of the FM lineage when CSS is no longer a foreign word that sounds esoteric.  Since sometime after the release of FMP12, and certainly by FMP13, it became much more commonplace to think about CSS and FileMaker together.  (The same could possibly be true of Javascript some day.)


          Thus, the timing is perfect:  You are offering a product that is attractive to FM developers, and at the same time you are providing incentive/encouragement to expand our ideas of what could be in our development toolbox, *and* you are making it all seem well within reach.


            4) I especially liked your agenda item for the mornings of Dec 8 - 10.



          Thanks for sharing and kudos for a really awesome looking product.



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            Hi All,


            We've (finally) shipped this puppy and I'm happy to say the trial version is unlocked so folks can get inside, link this to their files, and see how it feels. (Try running this with the Script Debugger on to see how "FileMakery" it feels to use a webviewr interface to manipulate FileMaker records.)


            Download, Screenshots, and Movies are here: http://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-calendar/


            (This new calendar is included in our Year-End Sale with up to 25% off on most all our offerings... including upgrades for existing customers.)



            Dig in! =)


            - John

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              Damn it.


              Yesterday, 10 December 2014, I purchased FM Calendar from La Source.