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    Reminder:  FileMaker, Inc. is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday


      All -


      As a reminder, there will not be an official presence on TechTalk during the Thanksgiving holiday (November 27th and November 28th) because the FileMaker, Inc. (Wedge) offices are closed.


      FileMaker, Inc. will re-open on Monday, December 1st at which time I will continue lurking as I have been.


      Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating!


      Steve Romig

      FileMaker, Inc.

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          I've been trying to think of an Australian equivalent holiday... some sacred ritual which gets a public holiday.

          I don't think Queens Birthday counts ( it's not even celebrated on her birthday)

          Australia Day is more like 4th July but celebrates an invasion in the eyes of the original occupants.

          Show Day are different by state and region...

          Federation Day is overwhelmed with New Year celebrations....

          Perhaps the Henley on Todd... The Todd is a river in the centre of Australia but spends many years dry and occasionally flows... So the "boat" race is a fun filled day celebrating life with a few beers. I hope that's what Thanksgiving is for everyone who celebrates it.


          - Lyndsay


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