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    Web Viewer Scroll Bar in Windows




      I am using a web viewer to show a graph. In the Web Viewer Setup, I have unchecked "Allow interaction with web viewer content". When visualizing the layout in browse mode in a Mac, it looks great. However, from a PC it appears both the horizontal and the vertical scroll bar. See attached images for reference. I can't eliminate these scrolls bars...Where is the problem...?




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          In the Windows version, what's on the far right side of the web viewer? Almost looks like a second pie diagram.

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            Hi David,


            The graph is made by a combination of a d3 library, css, html and javascritp. Quite a complex technique for a simple pie graph, isn't? In fact I do not know the details of such a complicated method. I'm just a FileMaker developer.... I took this technique from Matt Petrowsky, since my client required a pie chart with a specific colors, which is not natively possible.


            The d3 library provides two graphs, the big and the small. I only wanted the big one, which is at the left side. So I shortened the width of the html to 400 which is the position that takes just the left side pie. The small one is locate at 500. I made the Web Viewer object width of about the same 400. Solved, but... when I deployed the solution on a Windows based machine, the small pie is shown an the scroll bars appears...





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              You need to add css {overflow:hidden} for the element, but I wonder why this is not need for Mac.

              Probably it is already there but not affect on Win.

              What version of FM / IE do you use ? Older version may not have good support for css.

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                Perfect! {overflow:hidden} added to CSS and problem solved. Nice!

                Thanks user 19752