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    Searching in Scripts


      Hi All,


      I've looked everywhere that I can think of, but I can see now way to search for a string in the Script Editor.



      Is this possible or do I need to create a PDF and search that?





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          Can't do it natively, so printing a PDF is one option.

          If you don't mind paying for the functionality you may find that this tool is indispensable:


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            If you are using a Mac you can use the Open PDF in Preview option in the print dialog box. This gives you a temporary PDF version with limited search function, but it may be sufficient for your needs and saves creating a whol lot of PDFs.

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              Totally agree with Wim about the Developer Assistant.  Quite totally essential.  Also really great is the fmSyntaxColorizer (Mac only) - it uses the MBS pluginn from MonkeyBread.  It allows you to color script steps - makes seeing logical patterns a treat.



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                I don't know if this can help.

                I use this a lot when I need to search for something in my solution.


                In Filemaker Pro Advanced

                Tools --> Databse Design Report --> check scripts --> click create

                This will create an HTML file that you can easily search.

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                  Thanks Gentlemen,


                  My scripts are largish (some > 150 A4 pages), lots of tables, layouts and relationships so the Database Design Report is like two volumes of War & Peace.


                  My scripts are pretty well organised with the first few pages setup as undexes pointing to "Procedure Numbers" , e.g. "14.8 Delete this thingy", "14.9 Delete this other thingy" and so on.


                  I have been using PDFs and they are OK, but slow. Iv'e downloaded a trial of the Developer Assistant and it looks great. I should have downloaded it long ago. The script writer is a bit agricultural. I guess the dev team will focus on it when the Global New Fuctionalty Race slows.


                  Thanks again.